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Thank you for your patience while we update our website! In the meantime, head to Going Local TV to watch for FREE!

What is Going Local TV?

Welcome to a New Voice in Local Media. 

Going Local TV is a FREE TO WATCH local streaming service that is easy to use like Netflix or YouTube, but is all about Local Businesses, Events, and Organizations on Long Island! 


We are a production company at our core with the mission to support and celebrate local through authentic video storytelling on our own streaming platform: GoingLocal.TV.   We want to spread awareness of local businesses, connect you to the vendors at Farmers Markets, teach you about the Non Profit organizations we have on Long Island and show you all the biggest local events! 

Celebrate local with us through quality video programming and storytelling!  

Check out Going Local TV below! 

What Do We Offer on Going Local TV?

On GoingLocal.TV you'll find channels such as: 


Town Channels: Your chance to step inside local businesses on Long Island to meet the owner, see the business and then go to visit! Click Here

Farmers Market Vendor Tour: meet local vendors from Long Islands Best Farmers Markets to hear their story, see their products and learn where to find them! Click Here

Long Island Organizations and Non Profits: Check out all the Non Profits and Local Organizations that help make Long Island a better place!

Original Programming: check out shows like "Going Local LIVE" which are full shows shot LIVE at local events on Long Island or "Going Local Now" which connects you to local businesses and owners through video interviewing! Click Here

We just launched our Celebrating Pride and Long Island's Best Breweries channels and have even more coming your way! 

How We Help Support Local Business

Our goal is to connect your business to a hyper local focused audience through video storytelling on Going Local.TV.

One of the biggest advantages of storytelling in video production, is its ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level. By sharing your story, businesses can create a deeper and more meaningful connection with their audience, which can help build trust and loyalty.  We come to your business, shoot a 5 minute high quality interview video that shares your story, your offerings and gives consumers the chance to see and connect to you and your business.  

Click below to learn more!

Become a Sponsor on GLTV

Want to be a Sponsor on Going Local TV?  We offer different levels of sponsorships to get your business' name out there and to help support other local businesses at the same time!  Check out our Sponsorship Page here.

Contact Going Local TV

107 E Deer Park Rd

Dix Hills, NY 11746

(631) 527-6765

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